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Designed by Early Childhood Educators & Montessori Experts


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  • Say goodbye to the stress & overwhelm of making monthly activity plans yourself 👋
  • Do fun learning, art, nature, STEM, cooking and other activities with your littles 🖍️🍄
  • Raise a creative thinker & innovative problem solver 🧠
  • Learn more about various parenting topics - discipline, brain development, parenting triggers, sibling rivalry, potty training, meal-time battles, bedtime battles and more 💻

This is NOT for parents who....

  • Want traditional preschooling methods like worksheets & forcing rote memorization instead of a deep understanding of concepts​ ​​
  • ​​​Do not want to raise independent kids who think for themselves but depend heavily on their parents
  • ​​​Do not need any help creating fun, age-appropriate, developmental activities for their toddlers
  • ​​​Do not value creativity & critical thinking over traditional academic achievements
  • ​​​Are not interested in raising kids who enjoy time in nature

​Here's what you get every month when you are a Member...

  • Monthly Digital Activity Calendar
  • 20+ Printable HANDS-ON Toddler & PreK Activities for Ages 2-3 and 3-5 
  • Digital Supply Lists & Instruction Sheets
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  • Digital Nature Crafts Vault
  • ​Digital themed kids cookbook
  • ​Digital themed snail mail packs
  • Monthly Parent Education Webinars & Workshops
  • Digital Famous Artist of the Month Crafts
  • Digital Toddler & PreK Hiking Journal
  • Spotify Kids Music Playlists 
  • ​Digital ​"What am I feeling?" emotions charts

Meet the Founder

Hi! I'm Meg. CEO & Founder of The Early Nest. 

​I started this company to help other Mamas as I was struggling to raise 3 littles under 5. The stress and sheer exhaustion of motherhood was defeating my desire to provide my children rich learning experiences.​

​As a child I was plagued by my hatred for Math and was convinced that I was weak at it. But with the right tools and tactile learning methods I was topping my class in Math in no time, going on to have 2 degrees in Economics and an MBA in Finance, and a successful career in Finance.

This experience showed me that often, traditional learning methods are insufficient. Our learning resources ensure your child understands core concepts, preparing them for success ahead while preserving their love for learning!

Our team is owned and run by Moms. ALL resources are designed by Educators and Montessori Experts.

​Our core mission is to support parents in giving their kids under 5 high-quality learning experiences that go BEYOND traditional academics to raise visionaries, creative thinkers, world problem solvers and top 1% adults.

​Thank you for your support!

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