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I am a homeschooling mom. What I love the most about Early Nest is that the box is created specifically for toddlers. The activities are developmentally appropriate and allow for creativity and independence. The “grab and go” packaging is so convenient for pulling out on days when I’m lacking inspiration!

Melena A. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 

These boxes are really engaging and fun. Best of all, they are stunning to look at. Even my older children can’t keep their hands off!

Elizabeth D. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

My 5 year old has loved his boxes. We even try to do some of the things with our 1.5 year old as well as older siblings. This was one of his favorite crafts, the leaf crown. Clearly it brought out his inner warrior.

Andrea H. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Dear Burnt Out Parent,

Are you tired of spending countless hours on research, pouring your heart and soul into activities for toddlers? Isn't it too much anxiety?

Are you struggling to find the right activities to engage your toddler effectively and create moments of joy for the family?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, then I have some fantastic news for you! Your days of frustration and anxiety are about to come to an end.

The Early Nest is the ultimate box to supplement your busy life and your toddler will be looking forward to it each month!

Use a Grab & Go Creative Activity That Will Engage Your Toddler!

Feed The Caterpillar From Our Hungry Caterpillar Box

Dancing Peacock From Our Safari Box

Skip Hours of Trying To Plan Activies Yourself... And Let Us Do It For You

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Why continue to struggle with DIYing toddler activities, spending hours scouring Pinterest and Instagram for ideas and feeling overwhelmed by all the information and advice out there, when there's a perfect product that has helped thousands of parents just like you?

What if you could get your hands on the exact tool that will enable you to provide the best learning experience for your toddler while staying stress-free and focusing on spending time with family instead of burning yourself out?

Meet The Founder, Meg

Mom of 3 and Montessori Expert

Hi, my name is Meg, and I was once in your shoes. I spent hours researching how to give my toddlers an enriching childhood only to realize that I was overwhelming myself mentally and physically by trying to do it all. I found myself unable to enjoy actually doing the activities with my kids because I was so tired out! What's more, COVID hit and my oldest son was hospitalized with an inflamed brain, almost losing his life. He recovered but my stress levels were through the roof, I was severely fatigued and no longer had the bandwidth to plan enriching activities for my kids, leaving me feeling guilty and sad.

I realized that there were many more moms out there like me. Tired, busy and not feeling creative but still wanting to provide their children with engaging activities that would aid in their development and provide a fun way to spend time together.

That's when I decided to share my extensive knowledge of early childhood development and Montessori in an engaging, creative way to change the traditional approach to early childhood development forever! Out with the boring worksheets and in with holistic, creative, high-quality and fun developmental tools for kids ages 2-4.  That's how 'The Early Nest' was born. 

The Early Nest is your all-in-one toolkit to being less stressed engaging your toddler and focusing on quality time with family.

It's jam-packed with actionable tips, strategies, and insider secrets that will empower you to transform your passion into a profitable online business.

Inside The Early Nest Toddler Activity Box, you'll discover:

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Frequently Asked Questions

#1: What is the recommended age for these boxes?

The Early Nest currently has boxes designed for toddlers ages 2-4. Some activities can be done at a slightly younger age and some older kids also like to participate, but levels of engagement would vary. We ask that toddlers be supervised closely at all times by parents and/or caregivers. We want you to have the best possible experience with our boxes, safely!

#2: How many activities are in each box?

The Early Nest boxes have 5 activities that are comprised of indoor & outdoor developmental activities, nature-based and art activities. They are geared towards developing fine and gross motor skills, creativity, cognitive skills, visual motor skills, hand-eye coordination and pre-academic skills. The goal of our box is to instill a love for learning and exploration in young children. 

#3: When will my box ship?

Boxes ordered before the 21st of a month typically ship during the first 10-15 days of the next month. For example, if you order a box on June 20, 2022, your July box would ship between July 10 and July 15, 2022.

If we have extras, we will try and fulfill orders placed after the 21st with the next month's, but no guarantee. For example, if you ordered a subscription on June 23, 2022, your first box would technically be the August box. Please feel free to reach out to see if we have extra availability.